Raisio to invest in the fish feed production

Raisio will make a total investment of nearly four million euros to expand its fish feed factory located in Raisio's industrial area in Finland. The factory will have a new production line that increases production capacity by a third and improving technical features of feeds. The factory expansion is a significant investment in the ecologically sustainable Finnish fish farming industry. 

Construction of the new production line will begin in the summer 2016 and it will be completed in the spring 2017 before the start of the fish feed season. The investment will improve the material and energy efficiency of fish feeds. Energy consumption of the new production line is around 30 per cent less than today. In addition, energy use of the existing production lines will be enhanced with changes completed already in May 2016.

As fish farming is on the rise in the Baltic Sea region, more fish feed capacity is needed. Raisioaqua, Raisioagro's fish feed business, aims to become the leading fish feed producer in the whole Baltic Sea region. Importance of farmed fish as a protein source is increasing rapidly and compared to the situation today, aquaculture is estimated to grow worldwide by 35 per cent by 2022. In Finland, the goal is to more than double the fish farming in the same time period. The fish feed factory expansion will ensure delivery reliability and high-quality feeds to meet the growing demand.

- Raisioaqua has invested in the eco-friendly fish farming and this way, it has strongly affected the whole sector's chances of success. Through our innovations, nutrient emissions from fish farming have decreased considerably. We believe that responsible fish farming brings jobs and successful business activity to Finland, says Jarmo Puputti, Raisioagro's Managing Director.

Raisioaqua is the only fish feed manufacturer and the market leader in Finland. Its best-selling products are environmentally friendly Hercules feeds for rainbow trout. In the autumn 2015, Raisioaqua successfully launched its eco-friendly, healthy Benella Rainbow Trout to consumers together with its partners. Benella Rainbow Trout is farmed using Raisioaqua's innovative Hercules feeding concept.