Patent for Benemilk feeds in Finland

Benemilk feeds and their manufacturing method have been granted a patent in Finland. After a thorough investigation, the Finnish Patent Authority has determined that the Benemilk innovation meets the criteria for patentability; it is new, inventive and industrially applicable.

The patent application related to the Benemilk feeds proceeded as an ordinary process, including a number of interim decisions and commenting rounds. In Finland, the first patent applications were filed in January 2012.

Several scientific studies have been conducted on the Benemilk feeds by various universities and internationally recognised research institutes. These studies together with five years’ commercial experience in Finland and our long-term farm monitoring programme confirm the efficacy of Benemilk feeds. Benemilk feeds help cows make better use of the energy in the feed. As a result, milk yield is significantly higher and milk fat and protein content increase.

In Finland and Russia, Benemilk feeds are sold and marketed by Raisioagro. In Finland, Benemilk feeds already have a well-established customer base and market position.

In addition, patent authorities in New Zealand have examined the patent applications, and granted patents for the Benemilk feeds and their manufacturing method as well as for the milk produced by Benemilk fed cows.