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Instructions for grant applicants​

Personal grants may be admitted for postgraduate studies within the scope of the Foundation to persons whose aim is to complete a complete a doctoral dissertation .

The Foundation’s grants are intended as a personal salary grant for full-time postgraduate studies. The grant cannot be enjoyed at the same time as another salary grant or full-time employment (except for minor teaching work etc., which covers up to 20% of working time or approx. 1 day/week. ​

Scope of Raisio plc’s Research Foundation​​

Raisio plc’s Research Foundation supports scientific research primarily related to the development of foods, food ingredients and their production methods. Foundation also supports research related to food product safety and commercialization of food products.​

The Grants are applied by e-mail using this form (application form in Finnish) and the application period is October 1–31 2021. Signed applications shall be sent to Research Foundation’s email address by October 31th at 4pm. Admitted grants will be announced to applicants by November 30th, 2021.​


The application must be accompanied by the following appendices: ​

  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant ​
  • List of publications ​
  • Detailed research plan (maximum 12 pages; in English) ​
  • Study plan​
  • Letter of recommendation from the supervisor of the dissertation.​


Awarding grants

When evaluating grant applications, emphasis is placed on goal-oriented postgraduate studies.​

A personal grant can only be paid to a postgraduate student as a so-called salary grant. The Foundation does not admit grants for, for example, research costs or supplies and/or travel expenses, or for hiring additional staff.​

The personal grant includes a statutory pension insurance of approximately 13%, which the grant recipient must pay for The Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution Mela.​ More detailed information on the social security of the grant recipients can be requested from Mela’s customer service, tel. 029 435 2650 or​

It is possible to receive a grant for a maximum of four years, but it is always granted for only one year at a time if the studies have progressed according to plan. A separate application will be made for each additional year during the Foundation’s normal application period.​

The applicant and the dissertation supervisor will be notified of the awarded grant by e-mail by 30 November 2021.


Rights of the Foundation

The Foundation will not reimburse any additional costs resulted of negligence in payment of insurance, tax and social security fees. The Foundation is not liable for any damage or loss of benefits during the grant period.

The Foundation reserves the right, if necessary, to discuss the application in confidence with other funders supporting research in this field.​

An application submitted to the Foundation will not be returned. The Foundation will destroy non-approved grant applications within one week after the Foundation Board has made the grant decisions.​


Grant payment

The grant is generally paid in two separate payments: 80% at the beginning of the year and 20% in September or October based on a doctoral student’s progress report. Other arrangements can be negotiated with the Foundation’s representative. Any unused part of the grant must be returned to the Foundation.​

The personal grant is paid only into the doctoral student’s personal bank account. The Foundation will store the admitted grant applications in electronic form for 10 years.​


Publishing of the grants admitted

The foundation publishes a list of grants admitted and the topic of the dissertation in website.​ By signing the grant application form, the grant applicant consents to the publication of his/her name on Raisio plc’s website in the Research Foundation section and in the communication channels used by Raisio plc (e.g. television, radio, newspaper articles, newsletters, news and social media channels).​

Information on the processing and registration of the information provided by the applicant can be found in the Foundation’s privacy statement.