Elovena Muru Oat Mince is Raisio’s latest innovation 

Elovena Muru Kaurajauhis

Raisio has launched a new oat innovation. A new, healthy plant protein is a good choice for people wanting to add variety in their diet and for vegans. Muru Oat Mince contains 41 per cent of oat, which is clearly more than in other plant protein products.

In addition to Finnish oat, Elovena Muru Oat Mince has only four other raw materials: pea and potato proteins, salt and water. Muru is rich in fibre and contains as much protein as minced meat. The product is made in Finland.

“Muru has a neutral flavour and it can be used quite in the same way as minced meat so it is ideal to anyone who wants to increase the share of vegetarian food in their diet. Muru can also be used to partially replace minced meat in the recipe. Muru is affordable and easy to use, a real plant protein for all,” says Hanna Tähkäaho, Raisio’s Brands and Marketing Director.

From family everyday meals to top restaurants 

Besides for cooking of everyday minced meat meals, Elovena Muru Mince Oat is also ideal choice for more demanding cooking. A food visionary Richard McCormick, famous for his vegetarian meals, has created tasty Muru recipes, available on the website McCormick’s food philosophy is based on the idea that eating can be, at the same time, relaxing, healthy and ethically sustainable without having to compromise on taste.

“I got excited about the Muru cooperation as it combines Raisio’s traditional Elovena brand and oat expertise with a new kind of plant protein which can be used similarly to minced meat. Creating new recipes is an adventure for me. Due to its neutral taste, Muru is easy and fun to mix with different raw materials and spices,” says Richard McGormick.

Interest in plant proteins on the rise

Interest in plant-based food is rising sharply. Raisio’s consumer study showed that many consumers want to increase the share of plant-based food in their diet and already more than half of households have bought meat-free protein products. In 2017, sales in plant protein products in Finland totalled some 17 million euros. Minced meat is sold for about 200 million euros in Finland per year. 

Oat demand also continues to boom, and sales in Raisio's Elovena products have tripled over the past ten years. With Elovena Muru Oat Mince, Raisio will gain a strong foothold in the rapidly growing market of plant protein products. 

“We have been following the development of the plant protein product market and wanted to launch our own alternative now that we had a clearly different product to offer in the category. It is also obvious that plant protein products are not a passing trend but a product category raising growing interest,” says Hanna Tähkäaho. 

Elovena Muru Oat Mince

  • The Finnish Muru is a fully plant-based, easy-to-use plant protein
  • The smaller package of 225 grams costs less than 3 euros and is enough for a meal for four persons. 
  • The bigger package of 350 grams costs some 4 euros and is enough for meals of 6 persons. 
  • Muru can be used in cooking in many ways, such as minced meat.
  • Muru is ready for use so no cooking is necessary, but we recommend to pan-fry it crisp with oil for meals. 
  • In supermarkets, Muru is placed together with other packaged proteins, such as minced meat, or with other cold-stored plant protein products.  


Read more about Muru at (website in Finnish).