Raisio Group

Raisio Code of Conduct


Raisio Group focuses on responsibly produced healthy food. We take all important food-related factors into account: well-being, health, good taste and sustainable development. 

Raisio’s Purpose, Values and Code of Conduct guide our day-to-day work and set a foundation for profitable and responsible operations. All of us at Raisio are committed to comply with these principles. Common rules help us do the right thing and do things right.

We are a forerunner in responsibility and sustainability, and will continue to show the way. 



At Raisio, we work in a number of countries and in many different sectors. Our stakeholders, such as customers, consumers, shareholders and investors, require that we operate in a responsible way. The Raisio Code of Conduct is our common way to operate. In short, we treat each other with respect and we want to do profitable and responsible business. 
Internal guidelines and policies complement the Raisio Code of Conduct. 

For whom?

Raisio’s Board of Directors has approved the Raisio Code of Conduct that applies to all Raisio Group's operations, employees, management as well as the members of the Board and Supervisory Board. We are committed to comply with the Raisio Code of Conduct in our work and when representing the company.

Compliance with laws and regulations

We comply with local and international laws and regulations, generally accepted practices and Raisio’s own guidelines. We are also committed to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact initiative regarding human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. 

Human rights

We respect the UN declaration of human rights and the fundamental rights at work as defined by the International Labour Organization (ILO).
These rights cover freedom of association, the right to organise or not to organise, the right to collective bargaining, the prohibition of forced labour and child labour, and the employees' right to equal treatment and opportunities.

Wellbeing at work and competence

We take care of employee wellbeing by focusing on good leadership and supervisory work, on good interaction and internal communications, and by promoting a trusting work environment. With a number of services and projects, Raisio encourages and supports the physical and mental wellbeing of its employees. We also promote employee wellbeing through problem prevention and with early support practices.

At Raisio, competence development covers the entire lifecycle of an employment. Effective planning and implementation of the induction programme ensures that our employees have sufficient resources to succeed in their work. Internal and external training as well as on-the-job learning enable continuous learning and professional development. 

The employee survey results and feedback help us find better practices. In addition, performance appraisals are used to identify employee development needs and to ensure that operations are in line with the Group’s objectives. 


Employees are selected to their roles on the basis of their skills and experience, as defined in Raisio’s HR strategy. Discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or political beliefs, nationality, marital status, disability or age is prohibited. Equality between employees is important for us.

Occupational safety

We all have a right to a safe work environment. With good management of occupational safety, we can ensure employees’ physical and mental wellbeing as well as their security. Employees receive regular training in occupational health and safety matters, also through practical training. 

Behaviour that is mentally or physically coercive, threatening, offensive or abusive is not permitted at Raisio.

Employee inventions and patents

At Raisio, we encourage innovativeness and value the creation of intellectual capital. We reward for good ideas and employee inventions. We protect and respect our own and other companies’ intellectual capital.

Conflicts of interest and anti-corruption

We always act with honesty and integrity and in Raisio’s best interests. We do not accept bribery, corruption, money laundering or any other dishonest practices. We avoid all conflicts between our personal and Raisio’s interests. 

In the course of business, no Raisio employee or any other third party acting on Raisio’s behalf may take unfair advantage of anyone by directly or indirectly giving, promising, authorising or offering cash or any other benefit  exceeding ordinary hospitality. This also applies outside the scope of business, i.e. Raisio’s employees and partners may not take unfair advantage through directly or indirectly asking for, demanding, accepting or receiving a benefit exceeding ordinary hospitality. 

Raisio’s property, brands and trade secrets

We treat Raisio’s property appropriately and with care. The company’s property includes, for example, land, production plants, machinery and equipment, software and the company’s assets. In addition, Raisio’s property includes patents, trademarks, copyrights, customer and product information, and trade secrets, such as pricing criteria.

Raisio brands are an essential part of the company property. We protect Raisio brands and intervene in any unauthorised or inappropriate use of our brands. The use of Raisio name or brands as a reference always requires a specific permission. 

We protect trade secrets, personal data and customer information appropriately and in accordance with information security rules. 

Product safety

Our customers and consumers can always trust the safety of our products. We take special care of product safety related matters. We regularly monitor and identify the risks associated with product safety. We also plan and carry out measures to minimise and manage these risks. We monitor compliance with the established guidelines and procedures. We provide regular staff training in product safety matters. Our operating systems are based on the internationally approved quality and product safety standards and on our own continuous improvement work.

Raw materials, food allergens and other required information are clearly described on the packaging labels. Our products are marketed in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. 

The environment

Our business operations are based on renewable raw materials and on sustainable, environmentally friendly activities. Our several innovations improve the environmental friendliness and sustainability of the food chain. Environmental impacts significantly affect our investment decisions, too.

Raisio’s environmental priorities are improvement of energy and material efficiency. The company reports on the environmental impact of its operations once a year in the Corporate Responsibility Report.


Our partners must commit to the Raisio Supplier Code of Conduct. They must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, as well as guidelines and instructions provided by Raisio.


We communicate openly, interactively and honestly. Raisio is listed on the NASDAQ Helsinki Ltd; as a listed company we comply with the information disclosure obligation and publish information on the Raisio Group’s activities and financial performance to all stakeholders at the same time. Our subsidiaries around the world comply with local regulations and guidelines in their reporting. 

Media communication is coordinated by Raisio Group Communications. The flow of inside information is ensured through, for example, intranet and superior communications. In social media, we comply with Raisio’s Social Media Guidelines.  

Inside information 

Raisio is a publicly listed company, so the company and its employees are obliged to follow the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The Regulation includes, for example, rules concerning inside trading and the disclosure and misuse of inside information.  Raisio expects its personnel, management and members of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board to comply with the laws as well as the rules and regulations based on these laws. 


We comply with the applicable competition law. We do not accept illegal cooperation between competitors and we do not discuss, for example, prices, products or other trade secrets with competitors. 

Money laundering

We are committed to the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. We comply with all local and international laws and regulations against terrorism, corruption and money laundering.

Animal testing

Raisio’s products are made of renewable, mainly plant-based raw materials.  We do not conduct animal testing in the development of new food products. In some countries, market access for products or the use of a health claim may involve mandatory animal testing to ensure the safety or efficacy of ingredients. 

Raisio may participate in scientific research projects that may include animal testing.

Compliance with the Code of Conduct

All Raisio employees are expected to comply with the Raisio Code of Conduct. Employees are encouraged to report suspected or actual misconduct to the immediate superior or his/her superior. Employees can also report their observations of misconduct using the email address compliance@raisio.com; or anonymously mail a letter to Raisio’s Vice President of Legal Affairs or CFO. Employees' reports of misconduct are always treated strictly confidentially. The party’s legitimate expectations or position are never threatened. 

Raisio does not tolerate violation of the Code of Conduct from its employees. It will always lead to disciplinary action and the continuation of employment will be reassessed.

Raisio’s Vice President, Legal Affairs answers any questions or inquiries concerning the Raisio Code of Conduct.