Benemilk patents granted first in South Africa


Three initial Benemilk patents have been granted in South Africa. They are the world's first patents granted for Benemilk. In other countries, processes related to Benemilk patent applications are still pending. The patent process in South Africa is a separate process compared to the processes in other countries, so the patents granted there do not indicate the outcome of the patent processes elsewhere.

The patents concern cattle feed as well as concentrates and supplements with a lot of saturated fatty acids. These fatty acids enable the improvement of feed efficiency. Fatty acids of the Benemilk feeds are useful in the milk production as milk yield increases and milk contents improve. The patent protection also applies to the milk produced by Benemilk-fed cows.

In all, the Benemilk Ltd's portfolio includes almost 30 patent applications, which makes it one of the strongest patent portfolios for cattle feeds in the world. Significant development work has been done this year to expand and strengthen the IPR related to Benemilk.