Raisio’s technical bio oils are biodegradable and sustainably produced

Raisio’s first next generation technical bio oils were launched in May 2010. Our Lubria product series includes products to meet the lubrication needs in the forest, sawmill and mining industries. The raw material used in our bio oils is completely biodegradable rapeseed oil that does not accumulate in the natural food chain. It is also entirely non-toxic raw material and causes no irritation to skin or eyes. Apart from lubricants, we also develop other rapeseed oil-based products for the chemical industry.
We believe that the increasing emphasis on environmental values creates a demand for biodegradable products with a pure life cycle. Sawmills, for example, are often located in the groundwater areas or along the waterways, so one of the most significant properties of our Lubria products is that they are biodegradable and renewable. Safe usage is also becoming an increasingly important product feature. In the future, the requirement level in the EU and Finnish regulations and standards will grow in several areas where technical oils are used.
Bio oils fit in with Raisio's product range. Among many trend lines, we believe we will find profitable business opportunities that help us create added value for the rapeseed oil left over in the food industry. Technical bio oils also support and diversify the biofuel use of vegetable oil. 

Excellent lubricating properties

Today, our rapeseed-based Lubria solutions have clearly better cold temperature properties and oxidation stability than other products in the markets. Due to the excellent lubrication capability of the products, the needed lubricating film is achieved by less oil than with mineral oil-based products.
Furthermore, new knowledge and our employees’ vast experience have contributed to the improved operating characteristics of biobased lubricants and hydraulic oils.

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