Why water consumption matters?

Together with climate issue, water consumption is a major international environmental challenge. Clean drinkable water is becoming a global scarcity factor and lack of water will affect all of us, directly or indirectly.

The Finns consume a lot of foreign water in the form of imported goods, such as banana, rice and cotton. The water situation in all production countries is not as good as in Finland. Finland's water resources are ample and renewable.

The situation is alarming elsewhere. Water stress is growing in many major food production regions, which means that the volume of clean irrigation water is decreasing due to the extensive water use and drought. As a result of the climate change, rainfall is expected to decrease in these regions and water resources cannot renew themselves. By choosing Finnish food products instead of imported goods, we can influence the development of water stress in the production areas that suffer from it.

Only 1% drinkable water

Only one per cent of the world's water is fresh water suitable for drinking and cultivation. Of this, approximately 70% is used in agriculture. The average Finnish water footprint is 4,700 litres per person per day (1,727m3 per year). Most of this is hidden water. As much as 47 per cent of the volume is formed outside the Finnish borders so it affects other countries' water supplies. According to the United Nations' estimate, two-thirds of the world population will suffer from water scarcity in 2025.