Healthy alternatives

Elovena ja Benecol

Raisio provides delicious, convenient, healthy and ecological choices for snacking. In addition, Benecol products have improved the heart health of millions for already over 20 years. 

Raisio's products are mainly plant-based and our snack products are rich in whole grain. Most product raw materials contain natural vitamins, minerals, fibres and good fats.

Benecol products are cholesterol-lowering functional foods. Benecol products contain unique plant stanol ester lowering cholesterol effectively. EU has granted plant stanol ester of Benecol products a disease risk reduction health claim. According to the claim, plant stanol ester has been proven to lower serum cholesterol levels.  High cholesterol level is a risk factor for heart disease.

Raisio's goal is that 2/3 of all Benecol and snack products are healthier alternatives in their own categories. Factors affecting the product healthiness are, for example, fat composition, fibre content and the amount of sugar and salt. 

Read more about Raisio's results and targets regarding nutrition and healthiness in our Corporate Responsibility Report.