Sustainable food

Raisio's vision is to be a forerunner in healthy, ecological snacks with leading brands and an active developer of the sustainable food chain.

News about sustainable food

Honey Monster Puffs reduces sugar content by 25 per cent

Honey Monster Puffs's sugar content is now reduced by 25 per cent. This latest reduction is part of the iconic brand's ongoing commitment to healthy reformulation, which has seen sugar levels in Honey Monster Puffs more than halved over the last 10 years.

Raisio to build a bioenergy plant in Finland

Raisio Group will build a bioenergy plant in its industrial area in Raisio. In the new facility, industrial steam and district heating used in the company's operations and sold to other operators in the area will be produced with wood chips.

New Benella rainbow trout help save the environment

Benella Rainbow trout is fish raised by Finnish farmers and fed with Raisioaqua's unique feed innovation. Global wild fish stocks are protected with the help of the feeding concept behind Benella.

Gluteeniton ruokavalio on muodissa

Ei tarvitse mennä kovin montaa vuotta taaksepäin, kun gluteeniton ruokavalio oli tuttu lähinnä keliaakikoille ja heidän läheisilleen. Muutaman viime vuoden aikana se on kuitenkin noussut yhdeksi trendidieetiksi muiden ruokamaailman muoti-ilmiöiden joukkoon.

Takaisinveto: Provena Gluteeniton suklaamuffinssimix saattaa sisältää pieniä määriä maitoa

Raisio totesi omassa laadunvarmistuksessaan, että Provena Gluteeniton suklaamuffinssimix suklaapaloilla –tuote saattaa sisältää pieniä määriä maitoa ilman että siitä on merkintää pakkauksessa.

Christmas spirit from Porridge Bar, proceeds to UNICEF

Elovena Porridge Bar arranged a three-day charity event in Helsinki by opening its popular food truck in December 2014.

EU renews food labelling

All Raisio's food labelling has been updated to comply with the Food Information Regulation entered into force in 2011. General labelling will have to be altered by December 2014.

Environmental work of Raisioagro and fish industry rewarded

Last week, Finnish rainbow trout was added on the WWF Finland's Seafood Guide list of recommended and sustainable choices.

Feed invention protecting wild fish stocks

Rainbow trout feeding can be changed more plant-based without reducing the nutritional values of the fish.