Review of Raisioagro business

Year 2016:

Cattle feeds

  • Milking robot monitoring (Tuotostutka®) is Raisioagro’s first service for dairy farms. It processes the data of milking robots into profit
    • 130 farms involved
    • Milk yields grown by an average of 6%
  • New OMA feeding service model is based on the farmer’s own farming and feeding practices


Fish feeds

  • Raisioaqua is the only Finnish fish feed producer
  • Share of exports approx. 60% 
  • Baltic Blend feeds launched in summer 2016
  • Raw material: fishmeal and oil made from Baltic herring and sprat fished from the Baltic Sea and processed in Finland
  • Nutrient emissions from fish farming decreased significantly
  • Baltic Sea nutrients recycled
  • Benella’s sales season started in September