Review of Raisioagro business

July-September 2016:

Cattle feeds

  • EBIT improved as a result of enhanced operations and the streamlined, extended product range
  • The share of more affordable feeds in the product mix increased
  • Benemilk feeds have an established user base and market position in Finland
  • Milking robot monitoring (Tuotostutka®) optimises cattle feeding in real time, thus improving milk yields and ensuring animal health

Fish feeds

  • Profitability improved as a result of enhanced operations and increased sales volume
  • Investment in innovations and sustainable development strengthened the market position
  • All Raisioaqua feeds use the Baltic Blend innovation
  • Benella fish to Kesko’s selections
  • Three new Benella products: packed fresh fillet, warm-smoked fillet and roe
  • Contract farmer model for Benella fish; consumers get to know the farmer’s name at the fish counter