Raisio Group

Quality, environment, health and safety policy

  • Raisio is an international forerunner of ecological and plant-based nutrition. Our main products include foods and functional ingredients as well as feeds.
  • Raisio meets the needs of consumers and customers by providing healthy, safe and ecological products and solutions.
  • Raisio complies with all local, national and international laws and regulations related to its operations. Responsibility and continuous improvement are emphasised in our activities.
  • Knowledge of the entire operating chain is central to Raisio in all the Group's market areas. This ensures ethics and responsibility of both raw material procurement and business operations.
  • Raisio's operations are ecologically and ethically sustainable. Economical use of natural resources and enhancement of energy efficiency lay the foundation for our high-quality and profitable operations.
  • As a forerunner, we continue to calculate and label our products with carbon and water footprints. The information is used as the basis for continuous development of our own and our partners' operations.
  • Together with the stakeholders, Raisio aims to develop the entire food chain by providing various indicators for defining and reducing the environmental impacts of the chain. Our research and development work contributes to the reduction of environmental effects in crop cultivation and animal feeding so that nutrients and other inputs are effectively recovered.
  • With ongoing commitment to promoting safety Raisio ensures undisturbed operations and protects its personnel, property and environment for accidents and damages.
  • Our employees are systematically trained in quality, environmental, energy efficiency, health and safety issues.
  • As a listed company, Raisio's communication with its stakeholders is continuous, open and transparent.