Objectives of internal control

To ensure profitable operations, Raisio monitors its operations continuously. The purpose of the internal control system is to ensure that the Group operates ethically and in compliance with laws and regulations, that its operations are efficient and profitable and that its financial reporting is reliable. However, internal control cannot guarantee full avoidance of risks.

At Raisio, internal control is understood as a process involving the Board, management and other personnel. Raisio has defined principles, adopted Group-wide, for the areas it considers to be significant. These principles form the foundation for internal control. Internal control is not a separate organisation, but part of the Group's overall operations.

Raisio's internal control is based on the Group's values – competence, responsibility and open cooperation - that contribute to the achievement of targets laid out in the company's vision and strategy. Raisio's basic targets are profitability, customer satisfaction and well-being. Values and basic targets influence the company's day-to-day interaction with customers, suppliers and investors. They also affect various internal policies, manuals and guidelines, as well as established practices.