Information for shareholders

The main task of Raisio's IR is to give investors as realistic picture as possible of Raisio as an investment target and to support the correct development of the share price by providing information about the company's strategy, operations, business environment, targets and financial standing.

Our goal is to regularly provide all capital market participants with equal, correct, sufficient and up-to-date information. Our activities are based on accuracy, transparency and expertise.

IR implementation and contacts are handled by Raisio's corporate communications jointly with company management. Our IR include financial reports, company's website, capital markets day, roadshows as well as other investor meetings and seminars.

Silent period

Raisio observes a six-week "silent period" before the publication of its annual results and four-weeks before half-year financial report and financial reviews. During this time, the company does not meet with capital market representatives or comment on its finances.

Financial statements

Raisio publishes annually a financial statements release, half-year financial report, two financial reviews and an annual report that includes corporate responsibiliy. In case of any matter of importance, investors are informed through stock exchange releases and press releases.

In addition to the above-mentioned publications and releases other material used in investor meetings can be found at company web site. The ownership of major shareholders public to the extent required by the Securities Market Act can also be found at company web site. Shareholder register is updated monthly on company website. The information is based on the register data of Euroclear Finland Oy.