Feed invention protecting wild fish stocks

Rainbow trout feeding can be changed more plant-based without reducing the nutritional values of the fish.

The Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute has developed a fish feed in which the use of fish oil can be replaced with the more ecological and affordable rapeseed oil without decreasing the nutritional values of the fish. In addition, it is possible to almost halve the amount of limitedly available wild fish oil used in feeds.

Raisioagro has been a key partner for the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute in the development process of the new fish feed. At Raisio, we are already using the new method. Finnish rainbow trout fed Raisioagro's Hercules LP OPTI feeds are tasty and healthy food products providing consumers with beneficial EPA and DHA fatty acids at levels recommended in nutrition guidelines.

The use of plant-based oil together with fish oil helps save the world's declining wild fish stocks. Hercules LP Opti feeds are designed to burden the environment as little as possible. They reduce the phosphorous emissions of fish farming by as much as 26 per cent.

Benemilk Ltd, a joint venture between Raisio and Intellectual Ventures, has filed a United States patent application for the Finnish fish feed invention.

The article was first published in Raisio's blog Vastuullinen ruoka on February 4, 2014.