Ethical principles

Raisio complies with the principles of corporate responsibility, which include social, environmental and financial responsibility. The Group's key targets are profitability, customer satisfaction and well-being, and its main values are those of expertise, responsibility and open co-operation.

Abiding by these values enables Raisio to commit itself to good corporate citizenship in its operations all over the world. Raisio complies with local and international laws and regulations, as well as generally approved operating models.

When selecting suppliers and co-operation partners, Raisio aims to find co-operation partners whose operations are based on corresponding ethical principles. Most of Raisio's raw materials are plant-based. Special emphasis is put on the traceability of grain raw materials.

Raisio's management and personnel shall work in the best interest of the company. Conflicts of interest between individual and company activities shall be avoided. Raisio's management and employees may not pay, give or receive gifts exceeding normal hospitality to or from business partners or other interest groups.

Raisio values the creation and protection of intangible assets. Initiatives, as well as innovations made while employed by Raisio, are important to the company. Raisio encourages and rewards innovation. Its employees protect the company's intangible assets and respect the intangible assets of other companies.

Raisio's performance and financial situation is communicated openly, honestly and simultaneously to all interest groups as required of a company listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange in Helsinki. Global subsidiaries also follow local guidelines and regulations in their own reporting. 

As a responsible company Raisio is however always committed to comply with laws and regulations in the countries where we operate. Raisio does not perform animal tests when developing new food products.  Some countries might require, or already has required, that the safety of novel ingredients is verified using animal tests. Raisio also participates in national and international study projects, which sometimes may involve studies where animals are used.