Business Reviews

Highlights FY 2016

  • EBIT* 50.7 (51.7) M€ 
    • EBIT* 11.6 (9.9) % of net sales
  • Net sales 436.3 (521.2) M€
    • Net sales change -16% 
  • Impact of the British pound on EBIT -3 M€ and on net sales -20 M€ 
  • Raisio’s relative profitability improved
  • Comparable return on equity improved to 11.6%
  • Raisio divested its UK snack business

*Comparable EBIT

>> Raisio Plc, Financial Statements Bulletin

Raisio's operations are divided into two divisions

The Brands Division includes snack, Benecol, Benemilk and confectionery. Raisioagro includes cattle and fish Feeds, grain trade and online store.

The business reviews below are updated at the same time as annual and interim reports are published.