Business Reviews

Highlights Q2/2016

  • Honey Monster brand licensed
  • After the review period, Newport snack bar business sold
    • Raisio still owns a land area of over three hectares in Southall, London
  • Brexit affects exchange rates and increases economic uncertainty in the short and long term
  • A time-out with Benemilk's international licensing
    • In Finland, Benemilk has made a breakthrough; sales continued as usual


Raisio Group Q2/2016

The Group

  • EBIT 15.0 (14.0) M€ 
  • EBIT margin 12.1 (9.9) %
  • Net sales 124.1 (141.5) M€


  • EBIT 14.2 (14.3) M€
  • EBIT margin 16.1 (14.6) %
  • Net sales 88.2 (97.8) M€ 


  • EBIT 1.4 (1.4) M€ 
  • Net sales 37.7 (44.7) M€


Comparable figures

Raisio's operations are divided into two divisions

The Brands Division includes snack, Benecol, Benemilk and confectionery. Raisioagro includes cattle and fish Feeds, grain trade and online store.

The business reviews below are updated at the same time as annual and interim reports are published.