Board committees and workgroups

The Remuneration Committee

The Board has established a Remuneration Committee to enhance the preparation of remuneration and nomination matters pertaining to the Board.

The duties of the Remuneration Committee include the preparation of matters concerning: (1) remuneration and other financial benefits of the CEO and deputy managing director (if any), (2) the appointment of the CEO, deputy managing director (if any) and other company executives, as well as the assessment of successor issues, (3) the incentive and remuneration schemes of management, key employees and staff, as well as (4) significant organisational changes. From April 2017 the members are Matti Perkonoja (Chairman), Erkki Haavisto ja Ann-Christine Sundell.

The Remuneration Committee is convened by the Chairman as often as needed and it may use the company’s own experts as well as outside experts to the extent it considers necessary. The Committee’s secretary is either the secretary of the Board or the Group’s Vice President, Human Resources. In 2016, the Remuneration Committee convened once, with all the members present at the meeting.