Benemilk is Raisio's top innovation

Benemilk is Raisio's innovation, first known as Maituri 12 000 E as it was launched in 2012. Around a dozen international patent applications related to the Benemilk innovation have already been filed.

Effective energy from fatty acid optimisation

Benemilk® feeds contain the right balance of selected fatty acids, glucose precursors, amino acids and feed components enhancing the cow's metabolism up to the cellular level. Benemilk feeds are made using a special processing method in order to enhance the absorption of fatty acids in feeds.

Benemilk's optimised fatty acid composition facilitates the cow's energy intake through nutrition so it does not have to use its own energy to make all fatty acids in the mammary glands. And since the cow can make better use of Benemilk's energy, milk yields grow and milk contents increase.

Increased milk production

Increased fat content

Increased protein content

Improved feed efficiency

Already hundreds of Finnish dairy farms have reported good experiences of Benemilk® feeding. In addition, several scientific tests have recorded a significant increase in energy-corrected milk yield. Benemilk also commissions feeding studies related to different cattle breeds and feeding models as well as maintains a close conversation with its farm customers.