Benemilk® is Raisio's feed innovation for the benefit of milk producers and cattle

Benemilk® feeds are proven to increase milk yields and improve milk contents.

The idea for a new type of feed enhancing the cow's ability to utilise feed energy rose in 2011 when the consumption of butter products started to increase sharply within the EU. In Finland, there was even a shortage of milk and fat. Raisioagro's R&D Manager Merja Holma was convinced that we could produce significantly more milk, fat and protein with the same amount of feed. This was how the development of Benemilk feeds started.

Improvement of feed efficiency is important from an environmental perspective, too. With the globally increasing demand for milk, the growing need for animal feed cannot be met as there will be not enough land for the production of traditional feeds. With Benemilk® feeds, launched in Finland in 2012, efficiency of milk production will improve by almost 9%. Benemilk feeds provide a solution to the global challenge of milk production.

Benemilk® feeds with proven efficacy

Scientific studies carried out in many different countries* have shown that Benemilk feeds raise milk production efficiency by almost 10% and increase energy-corrected milk yield by an average of 2.6kg per day. Benemilk feeding has been found to improve fat and protein contents of milk, which make up the largest part of the milk price. What's more, high energy contents of Benemilk feeds combined with good barn conditions also support cattle welfare.

Benemilk feeds are sold by Raisioagro. The product range has the right feed for all the most common feeding options. All Benemilk feeds have very high energy levels and an effective impact on the quantity and composition of milk. Benemilk feeds do not contain GMO raw materials, they are safe and cows are proven to like their taste.

*Scientific studies in Finland, Sweden, France and Holland